Comparing the health and social protection effects of measles vaccination strategies in Ethiopia: An extended cost-effectiveness analysis


This article, published in BMJ Open, aims to illustrate the size and distribution of benefits due to the treatment and prevention of diarrhoea (i.e., rotavirus vaccination) in Ethiopia. The authors use an economic model to examine the impacts of universal public finance (UPF) of diarrhoeal treatment alone, as opposed to diarrhoeal treatment along with rotavirus vaccination using extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA). The study finds that diarrhoeal treatment paired with rotavirus vaccination is more cost effective than diarrhoeal treatment alone for the examined metrics (deaths and private expenditures averted). Policymakers should consider multiple benefit streams as well as their scale and incidence when considering public financing of health interventions.

BMJ Open, 5
Stéphane Verguet
Stéphane Verguet

Associate Professor in the Department of Global Health & Population at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health